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AI-powered platform
for crypto traders

Artificial Intelligence will find a better price for your trade

Fastest market data update
Even faster than what exchange does
Free access
Get realtime market data and charts for free
Trade directly with exchange
We do not keep your funds
All crypto in one platform
All you need for trading in one webpage
Multichart mode
Including advanced technical tools
More features
of the Coinvenue platform
3 easy steps
to trade on all popular exchanges from one account
Step 1. Free Access

No registration required. Start the Platform and get unlimited free access to realtime market data and advanced charting tools. We collect market data from the most popular crypto exchanges and deliver these data to Coinvenue platform frontend in the fastest possible way. For some exchanges we show data updates even faster than what exchange does.

Step 2. Easy & Secure Sign up

Sign up with an email only and link your crypto exchange account with Coinvenue account, using public and private keys generated by exchange. Coinvenue has no access to your fund. Open new opportunities with Coinvenue Registered Account service and benefit with every placed order. 30 days free trial with all available features.

Step 3. Trading with rewards

Using artificial intelligence algorithm we aim for you to have the best market price around the trades. If not – we compensate you the difference. You have full control of all exchange accounts and orders in one single platform.

Join Coinvenue community of professional crypto traders.