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Fastest all-in-one platform
for crypto traders

Single interface to trade on all popular crypto exchanges

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Algorithmic trading
Stop Loss
& Take Profit orders
Advanced technical
analysis tools
Trading from charts
Custom Watchlists

Advanced technical
analysis tools

30 technical indicators, 33 technical objects, 9 default & 100+
custom timeframe

Multichart mode

The platform supports multi chart mode instantly changing chart layouts in one click. This mode supports up to 6 charts in one layout.

Linked charts

All charts can be linked to an instrument that user selects in terminal workspaces.

As a result, a click on the instrument refreshes charts with corresponded instrument, no need to spend time for typing.


Strategy Builder

New age of algorithmic automated trading. With no knowledge of programming or hassle of code, anyone can build a robot.


Strategies run faster for executing transactions server, saving at least 50-100 milliseconds ⏱ for each trade.


Running a strategy through the control center is like opening a single position. You can see unrealized and realized P/L as well as set Take Profit ⇡ and Stop Loss ⇣ for the particular strategy

Market Data and back-test

Coinvenue provides the deepest historical data for all popular crypto exchanges, which is available for back testing your long-term strategy. We have also created the fastest and most accurate testing on bars.

Custom watchlists


Organize your favorites instrument in Watchlists. Follow them with just one click.

No limits for numbers of wathclists. Create as many as you wish and sort instruments within these watchlists according to your preference.

Realtime updated Tops

System prompts with top cryptocurrencies in realtime, for top losers, top gainers and most traded ones for the last period.


The mighty of charts

Trading directly from charts

Active Orders and Trades instantly synchronized with charts.

Editing Sell Stop Buy Limit or an order entry level has never been so easy and familiar either with drag-and-drop or touch screen devices.

Stop Loss and Take Profit orders

Unlike many crypto exchanges, Coinvenue has an option to open and close a trade with any executed order. This gives an option to set specific orders like Stop Loss and Take Profit for a particular trade.

Moreover any Trade can be opened at one exchange and closed at another giving a clear picture of generated revenue.